Ursula Adduci
Chief Executive ChefUrsula Adduci baked her first cookies with her grandma in Costa Rica when she was four. She created her first advertising piece when she was eighteen. In her mid twenties she combined both, and that little cookie became a melt-in-your-mouth object of delicious beauty.

Ursula is a creative; not an advertising creative, not a food creative, but an every-hour-of-the-day creative. That’s why Sazon Light is a perfect reflection of herself: color, flavor, imagination and passion at work. That promises a real party on every dish she presents, because that’s the way every Sazon Light dish is born, in a very happy kitchen, full of aromas, noise, and warmth.

In the last decade, Ursula’s cuisine has been tasted by his Majesty the King of Spain, three US Presidents, politicians, Nobel Prize Winners and an Academy Award Nominated Actress, every one of them a happy customer. You will be too.

Ursula is a happy wife and mother that made Chicago her home in August of 2000.