Welcome to Sazon Chicago, home of our chef Ursula Adduci and home of the most nourishing, satisfying, joyful, healthy meals. We have a simple plan to deliver to you scrumptious lunches, dinners and snacks in carefully served portions with the most beneficial ingredients for your body and mind.
So smile, you are on to something good!
Stop worrying. We are going to give you the wholesome nutrition you need.
We pick ingredients to give you the most nutritious meals everyday.
It's all about you! It's personal, tell us your needs and we go from there!
Our favorites
"I feel the love
in every bite”
Laura L.
"I'm enjoying Ursula's creative, healthy, menu more than ever!" Brian K.
"With Sazon my
family is back"
Sonya B.
"My daughter is eating quinoa with shrimp and edamame." Sonya B.
25 Planes, Ursula’s story about her love for food and European culture
26 Jan 2017

Last year Ursula published her story about love of travel, food, and people (more…)

Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner
23 Jan 2017

Wow, January sure is going fast!
We are almost in February and ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. (more…)

Sazon Light is online
23 Jan 2017

We welcome our new addition to cyberspace: the Sazon Light website. (more…)

Tangerine Chocolate Cake Currant Caramel
12 Dec 2016

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