We make happy and healthy food for your special events and celebrations.

So smile, you are on to something good.

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Surprise yourself with our always fresh and never-ending possibilities of seasonal recipes. Enjoy!

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I'm Ursula

I love food, and I want to share that feeling with you.
To sit in front of a plate and smile.
To discover a surprise in every bite.
To make you say “Wow”!

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We take care of everything. We provide gourmet creations, impeccable staff, rentals, beautiful flowers… anything you need to make beautiful settings and memorable moments.

Your life happier

We create our dishes based on seasonal, organic, sustainable ingredients that bring you the nutritional benefits of anti-inflammatory, detoxifiers, antioxidants and digestive aids.



“I call Ursula my city mom. She makes sure I eat the best ingredients and the yummiest meals. I feel the love in every bite”
My all time favorite is the Barcelona Burger, a combination of sweet peppers and Spanish chorizo over juicy beef, simply delicious!
Laura L
“I have such an intense job that most of the time I couldn’t serve a healthy family meal. With Sazon my family is back, we have time to share together and my daughter is eating quinoa with shrimp and edamame. I can’t believe it”
Sonya B
“I’ve been a client of Sazon Light for more than a year, and I’m enjoying Ursula’s creative, healthy, ever changing menu more than ever! Its been particularly convenient for me to be able to change my menu plan depending on how much cooking (or eating out!) I’ve been doing.” 
Brian K
"Thank you for providing the wonderful Thanksgiving feast on our holiday table. We appreciate your talent and effort."
Katty B