Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner
January 23, 2017

Wow, January sure is going fast!
We are almost in February and ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I got a heart-shaped baking mold in Argentina last November and I thought it will be cool to create a new tart for this special day.

I started working with passion fruit (got it, passion fruit!) which is one of my favorite flavors, added some almonds, and dark chocolate, and presto… the Passion Tart was born. Some friends gave it a try and they loved it, so we are offering it all this month to our Clients for $29 (plus tax and delivery charges).

Take it to your loved one as a surprise, bring it to the office to share with your peers or serve it as a dessert for that romantic dinner you have planned for the 14th. Contact us at and make your day a little more special.