Do you offer meals for the weekends, or 7 days plans?

No, we don’t. We live in a city that has an incredible offer of restaurants. Many of us go out to dinner over the weekends, or just prefer to have a family cooked meal, and we understand that.

Does the calorie count leave room for breakfast/snacks?

All of our plans leave room for a light breakfast (coffee, yogurt, fruit, toast) and a light snack. As an example, the 1200 calorie plan combines between 900-1000 calories between lunch and dinner, leaving 200-300 calories for you to fill as you wish.

Can I pick-up my meals instead of delivery?

Sure, you can. You can come to our address on Sundays between 3:00p.m. and 8:00p.m. We can also arrange other pick-up times.

Do you deliver to the suburbs?

Not now. We are planning on opening new routes soon, as we got many requests from places like Lake Forest or Naperville, so hopefully we can serve more places in the near future.

Do you have a recommended weekly menu or can I choose from the items listed in the website?
We create a different menu every week which is featured here, where we offer 5 lunch and 5 dinner items, as well as 5 snacks. We offer two substitutions.

What if I am allergic to an ingredient?
Many of our Clients are allergic to certain ingredients, or don’t like some ingredients. We can’t make you eat beets if you don’t like it, right? That’s why we have substitutions, which usually are not seafood or nut based items. If you don’t like other things, we are very accommodating, so let us know and we’ll try to make it work for you.